Companion app ios extensive bacground activity

Since last update of companion app I have noticed that my phone in my pocket is getting hot in random times, initially I was not connecting it to home assistant app.

However today again phone was hot for no obvious reason and battery life was decreasing, so I looked into battery usage and I noticed that in last 21h Home assistant was running 20 min on screen and 9h 18 in the backgrounď.

In an hour where I noticed increased temperature HA was running 47min in the background.

Is this normal behaviour and what exactly is doing HA app in the background for so long?

This is Local Push (which you can disable under the Internal URL settings) – it’s extremely unlikely it’s causing a large % of battery usage, even though the ‘time’ is high, but iOS doesn’t report any system processes in battery usage which are likely the culprit in that screen. I’d give a restart of the phone a try and then disable Local Push.

Why is this background activity happening even when not connected to home ssid?

This is several hours after disabling local push, why is this background activity still happening?

Check and see in Companion App Settings > Location > Location History if it was updating your location. That’s really the only other source for background use besides things like shortcuts or push notifications.

It looks quite similar in my case.
Last location update was even yesterday evening. Local push is also deactivated