Companion App landing page

Hi all, I am wanting to know if there is a way to modify the page that the companion app lands on. Basically looking to dumb down all the options in the app so it only goes to one dashboard. I.e. removes all the side bar stuff. Is this possible?

I believe there is an option in the settings of the companion app: General > remember last page.

I just made the path of the view I want to show first “0main”, because 0 comes before the letters in the alphabet and by trial and error found out that the app goes to the first page when in doubt.

example yaml:

- title: "Overview"
  path: 0main
  subview: false

For “removing all the side bar stuff” (and top ones, too, if you wish) you can use kiosk mode - you can get addon in HACS.

But, can’t you define your startup page in HA’s settings? click on your name (left bottom), then set default dashboard.

I will look into kiosk mode now, thanks for the info. Does that work if you connect via the companion app?

But the use case is that I would like to allow a certain group of people to download the app before they get to the house. These people I don’t want them to see all the other side bar stuff like history, map, etc.

Kiosk mode was perfect for what I wanted. If anyone stumbles across and wants to know if it also affects the page through the companion app the answer is yes.