Companion app on Android redirects me to HA URL in Chrome

Currently using WallPanel on my android tablet for a dashboard. Want to try out the official companion app because I want to use some nice TTS voices vs the basic robotic built-in ones that WallPanel has. However, when I open the companion app it spins for a bit and then just opens up my Nabu Casa url in the Chrome.

If I task switch back to the app it just opens another tab in Chrome. Thought maybe it was just redirecting me for the login portion for some reason but same behaviour if I’m logged into my HA instance in Chrome. When task switching back to the companion app the thumbnail just shows a black screen with the HA logo in the centre, so it doesn’t seem to be loading any content. Other app thumbnails show a preview of the app content.

Tablet Info:

  • Galaxy Tab A
  • One U 3.1
  • Android version 11

what is your networking setup like? are you using a proxy or anything like that?

I managed to solve it by clearing the app’s cache on the tablet.