Companion App vs Web Browser Differentiation

Hey guys,

Is there a simple way to determine whether or not I am viewing Home Assistant from the mobile companion app or within a standard browser?

Or if not, is there a way that I can use a “Conditional” card that will display a different card depending on the screen resolution?

I am trying to implement the “picture-elements” card so that if in my browser it displays a horizonal image, but if on my app it displays it as vertical (This is not just image specific the card entities also need to adjust for a horizontal vs vertical layout, that’s why I was thinking the conditional card could work)


the companion app has an App Importance sensor…when the app is in active use the state will be foreground

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Thank you soo much @dshokouhi, that seems to have done the trick :grinning:

One day I’ll look into creating a plugin for conditional cards based on screen width.