Companion apps and physical volume +/- buttons

I’d love to be able to assign the volume buttons on my phone to a media player in HA.

Is this even possible?

same question !

Same here.

This is a support question, this can easily be done in home assistant by simply creating a media_control card in lovelace. Or you can create buttons that map to services, like volume up or volume down.

If you somehow end up on this post and have questions. Create a new post in #configuration, that’s where support questions go.

EDIT: I Just realized you mean the physical buttons. Opening back up. This is not possible on iOS companion app, can’t speak for android.

As an alternative, it would be great that when displaying a media player card in the Companion app (maybe even the web interface), the physical buttons actually control the sound volume of the displayed media player.

And what if you have 2 media players, one playing the other one not? What if you have 3 players, 1 playing 1 music, the other playing other music, and one announcing information? Letting software think for you runs into issues like this. Probably best to just allow us to write an automation based on volume up/down events coming from the companion app(s).

If your reply relates to my last post, I meant that the physical buttons would command the volume of a media player card shown after a more-info tap action. I think that in this case, it could be clear enough for the system to know which media player to control, couldn’t it? A bit like when you use the physical buttons when in the Sonos or Spotify app., they won’t act on the phone volume, but on the displayed Sonos speaker or Spotify connect device.

Not if there’s 3+ media controllers in view. Which one would it choose?

Can the detailed card, shown after a more-info tap action, display more than one media player? If yes, I did not know that (and don’t know how to set that up).

I would be content with just being able to write automations triggered by the physical volume buttons…

You could then use conditions to have some discretion between different media players.

The LMS iPhone App iPeng is able to do so. I so software engineering wise not understand why this app can do it and the Homeassistant one cannot. But it would be awesome.

I’m also interested. The native roku app does this so you can change tv volume with the phones physical buttons. Like others I have remotes in the companion app but would love to be able to trigger volume card buttons by using android physical volume keys.