Compatibility Aqara B1 (Zigbee) with Smart Life app

I want to buy the Aqara B1 Smart Curtain Motor so I can automatically open/close my curtains. I want to Use the Smart Life app which I’m already using for my lights etc.

As far as I can see the Aqara B1 uses Zigbee. Can I directly connect this to my Smart Life app or do I need a gateway or something like that. If so, what is the cheapest solution to achieve this?

Example of Aqara B1:

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Xiaomi/aqara does not use smart life. You need either the aqara hub or a ZigBee stick

Thanks for your reply.

So I can also buy a Zigbee hub something like below? And then add the Curtain Motor in Smart Life with the Zigbee hub/gateway? If I try this now I get a prompt where I can add a Zigbee gateway. Or do I need the special Aqara hub? In the future I probably will buy more Zigbee products so a general gateway which I can add to Smart Life would be great when all management is possible from Smart Life.

I want to use all the flows from Smart Life so that is why I want to connect them using only 1 app.

No, can’t be used with smart life.

Ok so even if I have a Zigbee gateway it doesn’t work with Smart Life?

What app can I use then to automatically open/close the curtains when the sun goes up/down?

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Home Assistant can automate this, you don’t need an app
Just get a Zigbee gateway that’s compatible with HA and add the Zigbee device to it

Take a look at deconz/conbee II

I don’t get it, this would be the same as if I buy a Zigbee gateway that is compatible with Tuya right?

My goal is to have one app which can control all my devices and from where I can create flows easily. I like the Smart Life app but if another app can do this and can add my Wifi devices like lights and sensors it is also ok

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So you dont use Home assistant?

I just started with automation so at this time I use the Smart Life app but I wanted to try the Home Assistant as well.

The problem I have however is that I have some Wifi products like lamps which I like to use in the same app than my Curtains. But they support only Zigbee.

So my question is, If I buy a Zigbee gateway that supports Tuya or Home Assistant like the one I listed earlier, can I use this to manage my curtains from the Home assistant or Smart life app?

If so what gateway would you recommend. And where do I plugin the Conbee II for example does it only needs power from USB so I can plug it into my Modem or something?

I suggest you look at wats required to run HA,

the deconz/conbee will plugin to whatever device/platform you run HA on

I doubt your router will run HA

I am unsure if the zigbee gateway you listed is supported by HA

Most zigbee gateways are only compatible with the zigbee products from the same vendor (there are some exceptions, eg you can add zigbee products from ikea to a hue hub, but as a general rule adding products from other vendors do not work) You can buy a zigbee stick ( cc2531 for zigbee2mqtt or conbee II for phoscon) to use with general home automation software (Home Assistant, but also Domoticz, FHEM and other) and control zigbee (and wifi and rf433 and a lot more) products with them, but not with your smart life app.

Hello francisp. My HASSIO is deployed in my server which is away from my IoT devices so my HASS communicates to rfhub’s and bluetooth hub’s over my home wifi. Could you recommend what optimal options would be for zigbee stick/hub over wifi or ethernet cable? Thanks in advance.

I use a cc2530 connected to an esp01, with zigbee2mqtt

Hi Martijn van Kimmenade,

You can use a Tuya Curtain switch to controle your curtains and it doesn’t matter the curtain’s brand. I use this switch configured in my Smart Life App and some automation scenes defined as to open curtains in a specific time in the morning and close curtains calling Movie time to Google assistant.

Please, see below the link for this switch.

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I hope I helped you.

Best regards, Fabiano.

Hi, what models of rfhubs and Bluetooth hubs are you using?

did you ever tried aqara sensor with tuya app ?

I guess I will just buy some aqara sensor and try it out, sonoff sensors works btw.

Hello, have you tried the Aquara motor with Smartlife? I am looking for the same answer