Compatibility of Klarstein AC devices and Gree Integration

Hey all, there has been some discussion on the usage of Klarstein AC devices via the Gree integration. I wonder if someone was successful in setting-up such a Klarstein device, e.g., the Prosmart 12. I don’t care if I use Gree+ or another app for initial Wifi setup, but using the Tuya cloud would be an absolute no-go.

I would be glad for a short report of your experience and or any other piece of information that you can share. Thanks!

Hi @schappi , and welcome here :slight_smile:
this is not clear if this particular AC (Prosmart 12) can be controlled, until you write more details here. As far as I was able to find about it, it can be controlled via original Klarstein app, but it is not mentioned anywhere if it is via BT or via WiFi (or maybe IR or radio controlled), what is a crucial aspect here.

Gree+ app and the Gree integration for HA works only with WiFi connection. The device must be paired and connected to your local WiFi network (the same as HA), than it can be discovered with the Gree integration and controlled in HA interface.

Some mobile devices (maybe this Prosmart 12 also) are using other methods than WiFi, and if so, it means you will have to find some other way to connect. There might also be some way so I don’t say it’s impossible, but at first you will have to discover how it communicates…

Good luck!

Hi @VB_Master, thanks a lot for the quick response. You are right, the Prosmart has a IR remote but can also be controlled via Klarstein APP using Wifi. I read that other Klarstein devices could be used successfully with the Gree integration. The thing I’m worried about: can all the Klarstein Wifi-capable devices be similarly operated via this plugin? I don’t want to buy something that cannot be operated using HA. Thank you!

if it has WiFi, you will probably be also able to find suitable integration for controlling via HA (even when Gree+ doesn’t work for you).
Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks. If I can get my hands on that device, I will let you know.

@schappi same here, no success so far:

So, I brought my Klarstein AC via Klarstein App in my WiFi environment and can control it with the app. But I can’t get it into HA.

I installed as described, but i cant see my Klarstein A/C.

Device is in the same environment as HA. It seems in the logs, that it recognizes all data but than an error occurred.

Is it the same with you?
@VB_Master can you paste your logs? Where do they differ?

6-30 23:17:44.307 INFO (MainThread) [custom_components.gree.climate] Setting up Gree climate platform
2023-06-30 23:17:44.308 INFO (MainThread) [custom_components.gree.climate] Adding Gree climate device to hass
2023-06-30 23:17:44.308 INFO (MainThread) [custom_components.gree.climate] Initialize the GREE climate device
2023-06-30 23:17:44.308 INFO (MainThread) [custom_components.gree.climate] Retrieving HVAC encryption key
2023-06-30 23:17:44.317 INFO (MainThread) [custom_components.gree.climate] Fetching(192.168.xx.xx, 7000, 10, {“cid”: “app”,“i”: 1,“pack”: “xxx”,“t”:“pack”,“tcid”:“xxx”,“uid”: 0})
2023-06-30 23:17:54.349 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.climate] Setup of platform gree is taking longer than 60 seconds. Startup will proceed without waiting any longer.

Logger: homeassistant.components.climate
First occurred: 30. Juni 2023 um 23:17:54 (1 occurrences)
Last logged: 30. Juni 2023 um 23:17:54
Setup of platform gree is taking longer than 60 seconds. Startup will proceed without waiting any longer

Hey @T123S. Have you tried the original component (Gree Climate - Home Assistant) that comes as part of HA?

Yeah, its the original component via GitHub - RobHofmann/HomeAssistant-GreeClimateComponent: Custom Gree climate component written in Python3 for Home Assistant. Controls AC's supporting the Gree protocol.