Klarstein Air Conditioning integration please?

Hallo, I found two topics here so far:
eg this one: Klarstein Wonderwall integration
but nothing for A/C… seems nobody tried the Klarstein A/C integration yet?
the link for the klima seller is e.g. here: (the link not working any more - see edit below)
(to see what product do I mean, not for a commercial advertisement)…

can anybody help PLZ with it? Thank you
(I am from Czech Rep.)

edited 21-10-10: they deleted the page with the product, there is another link to this concrete product what I mean:

i bought myself an klairstein aircooler, have you found anything for integration?

I just bought Klarstein AC as well, figured out that you can add it to Tuya smart app, however mine wasn’t detected by the Tuya integration in HA, so I am trying out tuya/tuya-home-assistant

Will update once I am able to subscribe to the trial cloud package

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Didnt try Tuya Yet, thanks for advice. So far I dont have the Klarstein integrated yet, but will try to figure it out with the help of the two links I mentioned in the first post.
If you have any further comments help, please send :slight_smile: thx.

I can confirm that you can connect it to Tuya ( I used smart life and added manually) but home assistant does not see the device. I suspected Tuya integration does not include the air conditioning.
There is a workaround though, you can create a scene for turning it on in the tuya app and a scene for turning it off. Those scenes will be synchronised to home assistant. You can then make a custom switch with those two scenes.

If you need more you can create multiple seen and create an input select with multiple selections for example. A bit of a hassle…

Hallo to all, finally succeeded with Gree+ integration,
A/C must be on the same network as HA server, and registered to local wifi network with Gree+ app from Android.
Works like charm now, thanks for all… :+1:

link here: Gree Climate - Home Assistant

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I’ve succeeded with localtuya (not to be confused with tuya-local). There are few drawbacks for initial setup:

  1. It is quite user unfriendly.
  2. You might need to wait few minutes after adding the devices to Tuya. If it doesn’t recognize the local_key, wait a minute and try again.
  3. You need to configure all the properties. I suggest you not to use the entity type Fan. It seems to break the integration partially, mostly the on/off state doesn’t seem to be synced well. Use rather separate entities for each property.
  4. After adding to Home Assistant, you might need a restart or two until Tuya Local works well. Until that’s it seems to get unavailable from time to time.

After overcoming all those hassles, I have essentially replicated the Klarstein/Tuya app functions:

If you unscrew the top, you can flash the klarstein kraftwerk with esphome, und use the tuya-climate integration!

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Hey, I tried pairing my Karstein Iceblock AC via the Gree App but couldn’t manage to. I am able to pair it with the tuya and Klarstein app though. Is there any trick to it?


Not sure about the pairing process for this particular AC, sorry.

Mine just worked easily with following the steps from the app (switch off and on the A/C with main fuse, pres and hold “wifi” and “mode” buttons on the RC waited few secs for pairing, some clicking in the mobile app for confirming of start for searching, rotating clocks for a while … and voila - paired and saved into my devices.) then immediatelly found in HA in the Gree+ integration and all sensors and switches were automaticly there.

Huh, ok thanks. I was never able to get this one to be discovered

Could you please provide some details?

Hi, not sure what details you mean, the install and pair process is quite simple:

  1. with your mobile phone (Android or Apple) instal Gree + app (e.g. at Google Play here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gree.greeplus&hl=cs&gl=US)
  2. pair your device following the pairing steps from the app - I had to restart (switch off and on) the A/C with the fuses first, then pairing of A/C via holding Wifi buton and Mode button for few secs on remote control) the app finds the device and pairs, assigns the wifi credentials from your wifi router to A/C and from now further the A/C connects itself directly to your router (and can be controled via the mobile app), but I don’t use it for controlling any more - as I wrote previously I used the app only for the first pair.
  3. install GREE Climate integration to your HA usually via HACS its easy to find and deploy it to your HA instance (some info e.g. here https://hacs.xyz/docs/repositories/integration/robhofmann_homeassistant_greeclimatecomponent)
  4. then your HA shoud be able to see your A/C - the integration creates the equipment and entities and from this point you can see the temp, status, and also you can control your A/C via the thermostat pannel from HA Lovelace)

hope this helps.

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