Klarstein Air Conditioning integration please?

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Hallo, I found two topics here so far:
eg this one: Klarstein Wonderwall integration

but nothing for A/C… seems nobody tried the Klarstein A/C integration yet?
the link for the klima seller is e.g. here Klarstein Windwaker Eco Split Air Conditioner 12,000 BTU / 3.5 kW 680 m³ / h max. A ++ (to see what product do I mean, not for a commercial advertisement)…

can anybody help PLZ with it? Thank you
(I am from Czech Rep.)

i bought myself an klairstein aircooler, have you found anything for integration?

I just bought Klarstein AC as well, figured out that you can add it to Tuya smart app, however mine wasn’t detected by the Tuya integration in HA, so I am trying out tuya/tuya-home-assistant

Will update once I am able to subscribe to the trial cloud package

Didnt try Tuya Yet, thanks for advice. So far I dont have the Klarstein integrated yet, but will try to figure it out with the help of the two links I mentioned in the first post.
If you have any further comments help, please send :slight_smile: thx.