Compatibility: SDI Technologies iHome iSS50 5-in-1


I’m tyring to figure out if the following device would work with Home Assistant. I can’t find any component going by that name.


Any ideas? Thanks!

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I read on the box that this is a homekit compatible device. So my thought is that it would work with the homekit controller. Any success?

Nope. The Homekit Controller component sees it, but can’t set it up. It looks like the component only supports lights, switches, and thermostats right now.

It does have some IFTTT support. So you can use it as part of automations when temperature or humidity cross a certain threshold. But Home Assistant can’t see it as a sensor.

I just added support for temperature, humidity and light level sensors for the Homekit controller. I tested it out with the iSS50 and with the changes you should get all three of those sensors (along with the motion detection that was already in place). It’s not in the current release but should be in the next one.


I was able to add 2 iSS50 devices to HA with the 0.92.1 release with relative ease. Since there were two available to be configured, it was difficult to know which pairing code to use. It would be nice if the device ID was shown in the configurator dialog window.

Also, the default setting for the iSS50 is to show the temperature in Fahrenheit on the display. If you want it to be shown in Celsius, you need to connect to the device with the iHome Control app, change the setting, then remove the device from the app so that HA can pair with it.

The difficulty I have at the moment is the response lag when motion is detected. It can take upwards of 10+ seconds before HA response to motion being detected. It seems that motion is detected very quickly in the Home app on iOS. I’m not sure if it is a configuration issue in HA or the HomeKit Controller. Is there a polling frequency setting, if polling is being done?

What did you do to make them show up? Did you pair with the iOS app first and then?

You will first need to connect the device to your wifi network first with the iOS app. Just follow the steps through the app to completion. Once done, configure the settings whether you want the temperature to be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit (you won’t be able to change it once it is connected to HA). You will now remove the device from the app.

The process to adding it to HA is much simpler now. Go to Integration and add the Homekit integration. You should see your device in the dropdown list. Select it and then enter the Homekit code when prompted to do so. That’s it.

Just a quick tip: if you have two or more of these devices to be added to HA, I would suggest you power them on one at a time because it may not be obvious which specific device you are selecting from the dropdown list, and thus which Homekit code to enter.

Thanks @quasarito. Unfortunately nothing shows up under Configuration, Integrations. Not when I click + and choose Homekit either. It just says “No unpaired devices could be found”.

I have homekit:, homekit_controller:, and zeroconf: in configuration.yaml.

Any idea to what I’m missing?

I’m assuming that you have already connected the device(s) to your wifi network. You will need to make sure that the devices are NO longer paired in the iHome Control app and with Homekit. If you do not unpair it, then Home Assistant will not be able to see those devices for pairing. You can only pair the devices to one of them – not both.

Yes, it was connected to my wifi and showing up in both Homekit and the iHome Control app. I removed it from the iHome Control app, but didn’t do anything in particular in the Home app. I can’t find it in either anymore…

I had a same problem when my iSS50 devices were invisible for HA. I tried to remove them (one every time) from the phone app and re-add them again, as I did i first time. And now Homekit integration started to see devices and after typing XXX-XX-XXX pins from the back of device I got them fully intergatied into HA.

I finally got it working.

  1. Factory reset
  2. Pair it with HomeKit
  3. Remove it from HomeKit
    then it will appear in HA