Compatible IR devices

Hi to all!

I’ve been using multiple Tuya IR controllers with alexa; but I have recently installed some NS Panels throughout the house.

Went thru the Tuya Integration process and my Tuya IR and its child devices have been added; but there are no entities related to any of them. In a quick research on google and HA forums, there’s is no reliable way of creating these entities.

Can you guys suggest any IR controllers that would be able to control Air conditioners and TVs / Soundbars through HA?

btw: Does flashing them with ESPHome or Tasmota help in any way?

I use a number of Broadlink RM3 mini’s which have been great for years. They operate fully local, no cloud nonsense. To make things even easier I use the SmartIR custom Integration.

Yes, most definitely.
If you’re using tasmota, install Tasmota-irhvac (hacs) for your ac

I agree with sparkydave’s statement about the Broadlink RM3/4/Pro-devices :+1:t3:

Using 12 of those for the AC units and one for controlling vertical blinds (RF though). Once configured they just work. Set and forget.

Some more information about the latter here.

as Paul Hibbert would say…

Great! Will get me some of those!
Will test my soldering skills in replacing the tuya chips for ESP2866 to flash tasmota on them…

Thanks everyone!

That’s not quite necessary since you can install esphome (libretiny) on the tuya chip.