Compexe heating automations

Dear HA-community,

for my heating-automations, I have a few questions.

For workdays (I have a workday-sensor) I’d like to have the following automations:

In the mornings:

  • start the heating 30 minutes before the alarm on my Echo goes off
    Trigger: next_alarm
    Condition: workday, one or other person is at home
    Action: set_temperature
  • set new lower temperature when last person has left the house
    Trigger: both presence-tracker have left the house
    Condition: workday
    Action: set_temperature

Is this way for my automation correct?

Now my problems start for the automations in the afternoon evening:

In the afternoon:

  • start heating when ONE of the following triggers happen
    Schedule for every weekday
    OR presence tracker gets home BEFORE the schedule would start
    OR Button on a mobile device is pushed BEFORE the schedule would start
    Condition: workday
    Action: set_temperature

  • set new lower temperature when no one is at home in the middle of the day and start heating again with button or device-tracker if someone comes back

Normally I’d like the heating to start at a certain time of the day. This will be 30 minutes before the first person will get home.
But sometimes you get home earlier than the planned time. That’s when you push the button so you will come into a warm house.
And sometimes you only leave for an hour or so and it’s just enough to start the heating again when you enter the door because it is not that cold in your house.

So does any of you has an idea for me how I can get all of these things in automations that don’t bother each other?

I really would appreciate your help. Thanks a lot!

The logic seems OK to me for the morning automations.

For the afternoon, it doesn’t really matter if the 3 triggers interfere with each other i.e. turning the heating on when it is already on will not cause a problem. However I would have the condition that someone is home for the afternoon scheduled heating on (otherwise it would interfere with the lowered-temp-when-none-home automation).