Complete beginner - IP missing after fresh install

Please forgive my complete ignorance.
I have begun my HA journey and am already lost. I have tried searching for a suitable solution but failed miserably.

I have gotten as far as installing HAOS on a HP T530, and the flashing process seemed to go without a hitch (using USBimager rather than Balena).

HAOS starts and I don’t see any issue, other than that I don’t get an IPv4 address. I’ve checked and rebooted my router (NowTV using default settings) and rebooted the HAOS a couple of times, but with no success.

The router seems to have found HA and assigned an IP, but HA itself doesn’t seem to hold on to it. As I’ll need to move the HA box, I’m wary about disconnecting the monitor and keyboard, if it’s just going to fail again after a power cycle.

I should probably say that the HA box is attached via an Ethernet cable to a switch, which is plugged in to a WiFi extender, due to location of the home router.

Can anybody help me clear the first hurdle? I have no experience playing with router settings or terminal config.

Your problem is on the WiFi extender. You need to configure that in bridge mode so it can pass DHCP IPv4 address to HA.

If you need further help share screenshots of the configuration of your WiFi extender. It could be the device is either not configured properly or it does not support bridge mode.

Thanks. The extender is a TP-Link RE650.
I had a quick look and changed the DHCP from Auto to Enabled.
I can now link to homeassistant.local but get the attached errors.
Apologies if I’m being immensely thick.

HA cannot access the Internet Router. The best way to troubleshoot this is to attach any Windows laptop to the RE650, get it working with Internet access and then attach you HA.

Thanks. I’ve had a look at the RE650 and spent most of this morning trying to get it back to a working config. It eventually came online after resetting to factory defaults and several hard reboots.

I’m now slowly working through the settings to see what needs to be changed to get it to act as a proper bridge.

After some playing with the router, the local PC (as a test unit) and a lot of reading on how to update settings at the command line, I finally managed to get the correct combination sorted.

Many thanks to those who helped, and everyone that has made me ( and my ignorance) welcome here.
Onwards to the fun bit…