Complete / improved support of the Elero USB Transmitter stick

In the tread Elero USB Transmitter to control Elero and Weinor products there already exists a solution how the Elero USB Transmitter stick is supported by Home Assistant:

In principle, the basics are working, but it is quite unstable, especially (but not only) when groups of shutters are moved.

Unfortunately the developer who created the lib seems not to be active here any more.

Is there any chance that someone else takes over this project to “complete” the lib? I guess there is not so much left to do and to make it perfect.

There are solutions already available for FHEM, openHAB and Homematic.

I would be happy to support in testing, giving feedback, collecting log files etc.
Also I think there are up to 6 other users (at least who are registered in the older thread) who would be happy if this lib would get improved: @steckenpferd, @mkuoppa, @csalchegegr, @mbr, @benceb, @frelev

Best wishes,