Completely disable conversation response from custom sentence automation?

I have a voice assistant set up using an M5 Echo, and I want to send a command without having any response spoken back to me.

Nothing I’ve done seems to work.

If I set the Text to Speech component of the Voice Assistant to “None” then it seems to completely disable the assistant. (It never responds to the wake word)

If I set the Text to Speech component to “Home Assistant Cloud” and use the “Set Conversation Response” action to set the response to an empty string or the literal null, then it just defaults to saying “done”.

How can I keep the voice activation but completely suppress the response?

Hi @sethpetryjohnson, did you try to put dot instead of empty string?

I use it in intent_script.yaml (for specific intents) and there it works, for example:

    text: "."
    event: uruchom_timer
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That works perfectly, thanks for the suggestion!