Completely finished with Philips HUE not functioning al all

Hi all,

Reading the latest topics related to the philips add-on HUE it finally did not function for me.
Problems noticed with different situation of buttons and state I decidet to delete the add-on and install from scratch.
Surprisinly the aad-on will not recognoze at al.
So one plus many is to much.
HA has itself degraded to a hobby app. No mere no less . Dispite the volonteers who want you to believe els.
Awake and think twice bofore you allow your automation to HA. It is fuul of hick-ups and malfunctions.

Not enough patience?
You’re speaking of a Hue “addon” and posting in z-wave, which probably indicate you don’t grasp the bases, yet.

Add on hue?
Supposed to mean integration? Don’t blame ha for 3rd party API changes , just needs updates to commence. If you just started with ha and haven’t experienced anything previously before .12 release, I would advice to try the 11.x version.

Don’t write off ha for one integration in december, but if you don’t want a hobby system, pull out your wallet and pay for services and subscription mostly

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Indeed, a few issues on an app that is free and actively developed constantly with a user base of well over 100,000 users and hundreds of people answering questions on a forum to help others is a “hobby app”.

I understand getting frustrated with, well, anything, but this is such an overkill statement to make and a gross generalization and just not really true.

Hue changed their API’s, this has caused problems. That’s not HASS’s fault. Personally I run HASS with hundreds of devices (and many Hue devices) just fine. Sure, there’s a hiccup here and there but it’s run pretty solid and I can do far more with HA than any other system I’ve used (and I’ve used a LOT of them). I challenge you to find any home automation platform, be it self contained hardware or a software application, that doesn’t have lots of hiccups and require lots of fine tuning. If you have five devices, sure, if you have hundreds then HA is better than most.

Just take a deep breath and remember that this is free to use, so it doesn’t come with the ability for you to call tech support and have them set your system up for you. I’ve been on plenty of paid systems that still only let you post in a forum for other users to support you.

Very smart people are working on fixing this. If you have a breaking change, just roll back until they get it working again.

@ilioSS53 Understand your frustration. There are multiple caveats throughout the documentation and forum that the most reliable system is one that can be controlled locally. When you rely on cloud services or 3rd party apps you have less reliability. Have you thought about zigbee, z-wave, shelly or esphome devices. These are pretty native to the HA and will reduce the frustration. I only have 3 cloud services MyQ , ecobee and rainmachine that are critical. If I could get a jackshaft garage door opener that would work local and a smart local irrigation system that can control 11 zones I wouldn’t have but 1. I am hopeful that the new Matter Protocol will help gel the IoT world.

I first started home automation with a commercial system. Things don’t always work in that environment either and the support is not much different. The system was slower and clunkier. HA is good software and the rate at which the developers fix problems and add features is astounding. Is it perfect - No software is perfect but HA is high quality and robust.

If you give some more details maybe the forum can help you. Post your errors from the error log and someone may have a fix. If it’s the add-on, I’ll bet that there is a developer trying to figure out what is going on now and looking for a fix. In his spare time without being paid.

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All nice words.
My Google is working without any problem.
The philips is working as you may expect.
If HA let people connect there heating thermostat and if fails with dramatic result of overheating the room without any warning is distcutable.
Connect HA at erigating and flooding due to malfunction is this what you want.
The only thing and my point is be carrefully it is not relayable.
Open your eyes.
Hope for the best. Experience learnt it get only worse.
Stop for now I made my point.