Completely remove Node-red addon?

I am having problem with Node-Red and would like to reinstall it. When removing the addon and then installing it again all my flows etc. are still present, meaning that it didn’t really get completely uninstalled.

Is there a way to completely remove it?

If you really want to remove everything, you need to delete the node-red folder in your config also.


You can use the samba addon and then delete the nodered folder using a pc or laptop. Be sure you have removed the nodered addon beforehand

I have two folders called Node-red, one under config folder and one under share. I wonder if I should delete both?

yes you can delete them both

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export all flow using
node red - export - all flows - download

stop node red in addons

connect to config folder using samba addon
rename the node-red folder like node-red-backup

start the node-red addon
folder will be recreated

import your backup of flows using
node-red - import - flows.json