Completely unsafe door unlock/open via ringing


everybody knows the concept of port knocking (

I want to use the same to unlock a door by ringing (last resort).

Something like:

  • Ring
  • Next ring in 5-6 sec
  • Next ring in 2-3 sec
  • Next ring in 7-8 sec
  • All timings above valid => open the door

Did somebody already did an automation like that?

Any clues are welcome. No idea how to start here.

I believe a few history stats sensors could do it.

Have them set to timeout in different times with the start and end.

Example sensor 1

Start: now()- 10 seconds
End : now() - 8 seconds

Sensor 2

Start now()- 8 seconds
End: now()- 6 seconds.

And when all sensors give the count 1 then your criteria is fulfilled and you should unlock.

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Thanks for the idea. I am using a input helper number and the .updated info on that input helper.

The number starts with 0 and is incremented on each ring. For each ring i can check in the same automation for the number and use this as a state machine state. If the time span is correct, increase the number (and thereby set the .updated time).

Not finally done but will work that way.

Will post the YAML when done.