Complication missing in iOS Watch App

Hi, i am trying to configure a complication on my Apple Watch but Home Assistant is not present in the complication list in the watch app. In the complication menu, home assistant is included. Am I missing something ?

After trying to replicate the issue on a second iPhone, iOS 14.2 is not at fault. The solution was to remove all watch faces from the Watch App then selecting a new Face and adding the complication.

Edit: Finally, I had better success when modifying the complication on the watchface directly on the watch.

I’m experiencing he same issue. How do remove all watch faces?

Hi, it turns out that you don’t have to remove your watch faces. Just go directly on the watch and modify the complication of the watchface, you should see your complication that you created in the HA iPhone app .

I can’t see Home Assistant as an option for complications. I see Home but not Home Assistant.

Make sure to use a complication that can be added to your specific watch face. I used “smart circle “ which seems to be available in most watch faces.

Am seeing the same behaviour. Restored recently and have been re setting up things.

I don’t see a Home assistant in complication selection, either on the watch or in the watch app, but have configured complications correctly. Seems like a bug

Seems like a but to me too. I removed the complication by mistake and now it is nowhere to be found…

Anyone have a solution for this ?

Anyone found a solution ? I can’t get my complication back, no matter what I try.

The only way I have found to get this going is to create a complication that displays something/anything then add that to your watch face.

After trying everything to add a simple “Circular Image” I tried with the “Closed Gauge Image” and dummy data ( {{ range (1,100)| random / 100}} ) and finally succeeded.
I managed to modify the complication back to “Circular Image” once the complication was added to my watch.
Thanks for the tip !

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Wow, you’re the first one to actually solve this for me. I thought I was going crazy, because so many were reporting that they DID have it working. For people following along: choose the Circular type from the Graphic subsection. And try to use it on an Infograph of Infograph Modular watch face.

Glad I could help !