Component error: history_graph - Integration 'history_graph' not found

I did an update yesterday (to 0.108.5) and now my config throws an error:

Component error: history_graph - Integration ‘history_graph’ not found.

Also, what groups that used to be tabs are now cards and they have several messages like this:

Entity not available: history_graph.this


Entity not available: sensor.that

I tried adding these to my config, but they did not help:


There have been some breaking changes to groups and history_graph got removed.

I suggest you invest a few minutes to read the blog post of the last 2 releases

Thanks! I searched this entire blog page for ‘history’ and I only found something to do with map history. That’s why I’m asking here. I gathered from googling that history_graph has been removed, but where should I be looking for what replaced it?

You should read the release notes before updating to see if any breaking changes apply to you. The history graph integration was removed in 0.107 since it was related to the States UI which has now been removed in favor of Lovelace. See here:

The history graph card is the replacement for the integration.

Thanks for the link, that’s the info I needed!

Looks like I’m going to have to start figuring out how to customize Lovelace. That’s new for me. Will do a snapshot and check it out.