Component error: HomeMatic - Integration 'HomeMatic' not found

This is my first test installation of HA, so I apologize in advance if this is a stupid error…

I installed HassOS from hassos_rpi3-3.12.img and try to connect to the CCU2 of my HomeMatic installation.

I’m running into this error:

Component error: HomeMatic - Integration 'HomeMatic' not found.

I cannot see any such intergatin in my installation, and I cannot find any way to install it. Seachting found just one single question about this problem from December last year, without reply.

What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance.

Without knowing how you got to this state it’s hard to guess where you are running into issues. In general, this is the documentation which you have to follow to get HomeMatic working. Be aware, that this is case-sensitive. So homematic is different from HomeMatic.

I have the same issue, how do I get this integration? I want to use the HomeMatic integration you reference but don’t find it under configuration/integrations in the Home Assistant GUI. I am a complete newbie and may well be missing something trivial but can’t figure out what.