Component not found: timer

Am i missing something? I’m trying to add a timer to configuration.yaml, and have copied the line below from the timer component documentation page:

    duration: '00:01:00'

…but when i click the Check Config button i’m getting this:

Failed config
  General Errors: 
    - Component not found: timer
    - Setup failed for timer: Component not found.

What am I missing?

I’d say its because you have ‘timer’ under ‘timer’. Call your timer something other than ‘timer’.

Timer was introduced in 0.57 . Do you have your HA version up to date?

@sparkydave you may very well be right, but as I said that’s literally copied from the HA documentation so I’d expect that to work

@danichispa I sure don’t, I’m on 0.56 so I bet that’s it. Thanks!

good point. I had scrolled down further where they call the timer ‘test’. I hadnt noticed it being called ‘timer’ at the top. My bad. I would imagine an upgrade will get it working :grin: