Component Popularity List

I’ve recently moved to a new home so I have a new “canvas” to implement a home automation system. I’m new to Home Assistant and am quickly becoming consumed with it. Since I have the opportunity to select new components, I feel I’m doing lots of research trying to figure out what hardware/components I’d like to use, then cross-researching to see how compatible the hardware is with HA.

I’d like to go with hardware that has plenty of HA community support but this information is a little difficult to parse. It would be great to somehow to get a ‘ranking’ of sorts to show the popularity of the HA components. Would it be possible to show the popularity a certain component? It’s a little hard to go through all 540+ components. I understand the ‘Featured’ section of the Component list is a start, but not too extensive.

Thanks y’all!

We don’t track with the updater more than described. Thus we can’t say which platforms/components are popular. We have some website stats according to them “Alexa” is sthe most viewed integration.

My guts tell me that Z-Wave, Hue, Nest, Plex, and Samsung are often used.

We did a survey a while back:

Maybe it’s time to do another survey? A whole lot has changed since those statistics were first gathered.

I would certainly participate just to be able to see the stats.


Thanks for the link to the survey, that’s definitely the kind of information I’m looking for.
It would be interesting to see some updated data as well. I’d certainly participate in a new survey.