Components folder

Hi all,

after the upgrate to 0.50 folder deps inside /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant/ is empty.

Where I can find my installed components?


Same for me, it´s empty

I don’t know guys, but i just did this upgrade and all my folders are still in there. The only little issue i’m having is with the automation format; which i can’t seem to figure out.

Me as well. All gone.

:scream: mine is empty too.


I hade to chang platform : state with condition : state and everything worked again.

It seams that everything is working as it should, but my deps folders is still empty.

I guess you haven’t used any relevant platform or components that need files in deps. You can download the deps folder from HA Github and paste it directly to HA config folder, in case you will need them in the future.

Uhm, I’m using forecastio for weather condition. And the component still works! But not the component file (that I change after every upgrade in order to be able to have weather forecast in my native language) isn’t there anymore!

Same for me, I am modifying so the workdays sensor works in Sweden. I can’t do that now :frowning:

Maybe we should summon a developer, any name?

From github:

This is a consequence of #7801.

When running in a virtual environment dependencies will now be installed in the virtual environment site directory, usually something like [path-to-venv]/lib/python3.5/site-packages or similar. You should still be able to modify files in that directory.

Not running in a virtual environment will still install dependencies in ./deps, but the tree structure below will look different than before.

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Thanks @nikc0069 for notice, that is my posted issue on GitHub.

Thank you!