Composite Device Tracker Platform


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First, this is nothing to worry about. I’m assuming you see these only once per device at startup, is that right? Also, notice they are WARNINGs, not ERRORs.

What I believe is happening here (and I see it too sometimes) is that when the composite tracker starts up it gets the current state of the watched entities. However, if this happens early enough in the startup sequence, then although there are entries in the state machine for the entities, those states are coming from the database, not from the entities being updated by their platform code. In this case it seems the states are incomplete. I specifically don’t let that “count against” the entities during startup. (However, after startup, each watched entity is only allowed two “strikes”. I.e., the first problem is also considered a WARNING, then after that it’s an ERROR and the composite will stop watching that entity.)

So, again, bottom line is, this isn’t a problem. If you don’t like seeing the WARNINGs then you can change the log level for custom_components.device_tracker.composite to error.


Just a question as I’m just now getting into presence. I’ve been trying out both owntracks and life360. I do have your life360 component installed but got confused trying to get all the other things installed. Any plans on incorporating at least your life360 or at best all of this as an official hassio add-on? It would also be nice to have one place to go to in order to install everything. Life360 mentions “custom updater”. Clicking that link says to click a link to “custom updater”. Then another link for “Tracker card”, etc.



I would love to have the custom components I created become official components, but I don’t have the time to dedicate to making that happen, at least not anytime soon. Also I don’t use hassio and have no idea how to make add-ons for it.

Custom Updater is not required to install or use my custom components, although taking the time to install it and get it working can make using my custom components, and others as well, easier.


@pnbruckner , you helped me on my GPS python script and with the newer updates to HASS are you running into issues with your component reverting to cached data due to restore_state? I may have to re-work my entire setup in this area as a result but I remembered seeing this topic and may look to it as part of my re-work.


I don’t know about restore_state. But I recently updated to 0.84.6 and, as far as I know, everything is still working for me.