Computer for whisper and face detection

So I use assist in first tries with ha cloud, works ok. So I would like to use whisper locally and also Piper to have all data locally. Also to have more options about the config.

I also use frigate with double take for object and face detection with a coral usb stick.

I would now like to buy or build a cheap pc that can handle face detection, whisper and piper and does need as low power as possible to run it all day.

Is it possible to run all this services from 1 machine and having only 1 gpu? Can they share it?

How do you handle it? Do you run a machine for everything or just use cloud and coral?

I bought NUC 9 months ago and run everything on it. Coral USB is a must.

May as well look into this same time…
Ollama - Home Assistant.

Think gaming PC to run all this… Forget saving power.

Whisper does run with coral? As far as I know the models are to large for coral usb stick. Only good for object detection or not?

I also have a nuc with coral for object detection but it is not fast enough for speech to text. Also face detection is not working good.

What should that machine use? 400 Watt per hour? A bit to much for me. And ollama does face detection and support whisper/piper?