Computer vision to detect state of driveway gate

I have a “dumb” motorized driveway gate. I’d like to automate it’s opening and closing based on time, but with gate status recongition, as not to send an open command when the gate is opened (or maybe when there is a car blocking it).

There is DOODS, but looking at it keywords there is nothing similar to a gate.

Is there any way to train a computer vision program or something for a layman so it could recognize the status of the gate?

Why bother recognize gate…why not just look for car?

Maybe computer vision is an overkill. Check swatch in HACS.

I have tried it yet but I will soon.

Why not using one simple Zigbee door/windows sensors which closes when the door is fully opened?
That state can then be used to decide wether the gate is fully opened or not.

hmm will check it out, not sure how it will work when the gate will be white from snow

Probably start by listing your “dumb” motorized driveway gate controller.