Computers not being tracked

I have a problem with device tracking. I have two computers that don’t know longer is getting tracked. They are listed in the known_devices.yaml. I have even deleted known_devices.yaml, restarted but the computers doesn’t get discovered. I use Tomato router, other computers is discovered but not the two in question.

I can see the computers in my Tomato router. So the data exists in the router.

I even deleted all files in the root of homeassistant and created a new config from scratch but still the same issue, and no new entries of the two computers in the newly created known_devices.yaml. Other computers are created in known_devices.yaml.

Any ideas?

Looks like it’s only wireless clients that is discovered from Tomato. In my case it was wired clients.

Do you know if its possible to change so that Tomato is descovering both types?

This isn’t going to be much help but I’ve been using the NMAP_Tracker and have been fighting with it to get an Amazon Echo discovered and also a SkyBell doorbell discovered. I’ve done the same troubleshooting without success. If you aren’t using the NMAP tracking, you might want to give that a try. You can use multiple trackers as well.


I will do some more testing with NMAP but I have notised that it seem to wake some of my sleeping pc’s.