Conbee 2 and Aqara switch


I have conbee and an Aqara switch WXKG02LM Rev.2 witch I can connect to Deconz without a problem. However I am not able to use the switch since it only has a battery sensor within home assistant.


Is this because it is not correct connected or do I have to use another command to use the switch within home assistant?

Hope someone can help.

It is just as it should. Remote controls are only exposed as events since it is only momentaneous information. Check deconz component documentation for details

In that case, can I use these kinds of automations just like the one with the hub?

- alias: switch event left
    platform: event
      entity_id: sensor.switch_2_voudig
      click_type: single

Similar ones. That specific example is for Xiaomi integration

So as I’m trying to go all in on HA I’ve been looking at the Aqara switches.
I too have DeconZ working nicely with the system.
All of my automation is in Node-Red.
Looking at this post it didn’t seem like they got a resolution:

Are you able to capture these button press events in Node-Red?

Yes, although I don’t know how (not using node red). They are just ordinary hass events.

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Thanks for the confirmation.
I’ll have to test it out at some point.

To use Xiaomi switch events in HA, take a look at this post, and feel free to ask if something about that doesnt make sense or isn’t working-