Conbee 2 can't detect any device in Deconz

I have used a conbee 2 on an old smartbox without any problem to include any zigbee device like aqara.
So, newcomer in HA, I have just added my old Conbee 2 Key to try to include my aqara modules.
The key has been initialised and the firmware is up to date :

When I click to find a new sensor, nothing happened, nothing is found.

Lots of messages in the log :


My Home Assistant is Supervised :

Thanks for your help, I have spend a lots of time without success.

Which integration are you using to connect your Conbee with HA?

I use Deconz Add On and then Deconz integration.
The Deconz Add On doesn’t find anything…

Did you reset your aqara modules before trying to reconnect them?

Yes, I have reset all.
I’ve found the solution : I have to take off the Zwave Aeotec key near the Conbee.
Once the conbee Key is alone, it works to include !

@Dark_Kermit did you determined why it helped removing zWave Aeotec USB stick, was it do to power consumption or IO conflicts?

I’m asking as I might have the same issue, having the exact same setup, running zWave JS and DeConz as containers, however I was not able to connect the ConBee II to the DeConz container, even though the Rasp Pi where able to see the USB ConBee connected.