Conbee 2 died on me and won't connect to anything

So I was adding an extension cord to my Conbee stick to troubleshoot some issues i’ve been having with my Zigbee network. To move the stick further from any other devices that might be generating noise.

I couldn’t get Hassio to pick up the Conbee through the USB extension, so I tried to plug the stick directly into the RaspberryPi again, the same way it was before, only to realise I was having the issue still. I tried every USB-port on the Raspberry, adjusting the config and rebooting as I went.
Nothing. I have now tried 2 other computers and nothing happens. No Windows sound or recognition of the device of any kind.

Did the stick just short on me?

It does seem that the stick died. I updated the firmware just before, and connected an extension cord.

Either the extension cord shorted or the firmware bricked it. Either way, it was within warranty and I got a new one.