Conbee 2 disappears

Hi, im new with homeassistant.

Im using Hass on a raspy 3.
I try to get the Conbee 2 usb-stick Wirkung.
It is recognized as a new device but when i try to configure it i get an error message an it disapears until next reboot.

Try it on PC with deconz, but no device is found.
When i plug the Stick, the Windows-Sound of a Thrownout device is player After a few seconds…

Conbee 2 Stick is new. Maybe it is a Fault of the Stick?

Thx in advance

Which zigbee software are you trying to get working, Deconz, ZHA or Zigbee2MQTT?

You should only have one. And if using ZHA/Z2M, there should be NO Deconz sw installed, neither add-on or integration.

But if you use Z2M, you still need to specify

adapter: deconz

under serial settings….