Conbee 2 + Ikea smart blinds + automation - would this work, anyone done it?

I have Ikea smart blinds with little wireless button that works for open/close. I did not buy the Ikea gateway. I came across a YouTube video about conbee 2 (a Zigbee controller).

I am running HA 2021 on ubuntu with Z-stick currently, I am entertaining the idea of adding Zigbee controller (conbee) to my setup so I could control the ikea blinds for now and any future ikea smart products and other brand Zigbee items.

My questions are this if anyone have experienced:

  1. would there be any conflict with using z-stick and conbee plugged together in the next to next USB ports?

  2. will the conbee setup work for my ikea blinds so I can setup automations.

  3. will I have control of how much to roll down on ikea blinds with the automation, because the blinds are really long for my small window and I only roll down partially. I don’t even know if I can set it up so press of a button will roll down to my set length.

Any advice is appreciated. thanks as always.

No, I do exactly the same thing.

Yes, I don’t have the IKEA blinds,but I know from lots of other people here that they work.

Yes, you can set the blinds to a specific position.

All this is adsuming that you talk about IKEA Fyrtur.

thanks for the quick response, I will order the conbee 2 right away.
Yes its Ikea Fyrtur. on the YouTube video I watched who setup HA + conbee used ZHA integration, thats good?

I received my conbee 2 from amazon and added it to HA right away.
I already have my ikea frytur blinds + the remote it came with. this two are paried already 2 months ago and it been working find and we use the remote button to open/close.

Now that I have added conbee to HA, what or how do I pair, is it I have to pair the blinds to the conbee or I have to pair the remote to conbee? I am not sure if I understand becaz the remote and the blinds are paired right now, if I try to put the blinds in pair mode and Zigbee gateway from HA into pair mode to join the blinds to HA, will I loose the blinds + remote pair? I would like the remote continue to work with blinds in addition to the blinds are controlled by HA automation.

Just to add to my above message, I want to let you know that Ikea smart blinds came with 3 things.

  1. The blind itself 2. a repeater what plugs into the wall. 3. button remote.

My understanding is that the repeater communicates with blinds and remote.

You pair the blinds to the ConBee, I’m not sure whether the pairing of the remote to the blinds will still work, but if not just pair the remote to the ConBee as well and write an automation in HA that controls the blinds with the remote.

The repeater is only used to increase the range of the ZigBee devices, to confirm this unplug it and you shoud still be able to use the remote and the blinds.

Thanks Burningstone,

As first step I paired the ikea blinds to conbee, it found the device as ikea frytur device, two entities were created, one blinds and one sensor for battery level

Now the blinds is paired with ZHA, I tested the button remote which was previously paired with blinds directly and it did not respond, make sense it lost its pair. Next step is to pair the button remote to ZHA, which I did successfully by reseting the remote first by 4 quick press of the button next to the battery, then press once to pair with ZHA.

Next step:
wrote two automation, one for close and one for open.

  • close automation is set to the position 47 (which the max height for my window) works fine.

  • open automation is set to the position 0, but this did not work, when I execute I expected it would pull up from position 47 to position 0, but it pulled down further to max.

I am still troubleshooting how would I set the automation so it would roll up the blinds open. for now I directly press the UP button on the blinds entity which rolls up all the way.

As of now even though the button remote is paired to my ZHA I haven’t done any actions for it yet. I want the automation to work first before I do something with the remote.

Maybe it’s inverted, did you try to set position to 100? Also is there not a service to open the covers instead of setting the position to 0?

Thats interesting, this morning (8am) from HA UI I tried to open the window directly from the blinds entity, I see UP arrow disabled and only stop/Down was enabled and I tried pressing with no response, I had to climb up and physically press the up button on the blinds. I thought the blinds entity was not responding but then I checked history and it showed ‘8:00am was opened’, somehow it knows the status. Interesting part is as you said the position is 100 when the blinds is completely open, weird, and thats why my automation where I try to set to 0 keeps rolling down everything.

Since you mentioned this is a type of cover entity I did see service for open/close, which I am going to try modify the automation and see what happens.

in meantime, what would be the action for a remote button so I can program with goal that it would operate like remote control for blinds (like how it where before when its paired directly with blinds) which lets you controls/stops up/down

There was a debate on this here on the forum about this recently :slight_smile: Depends on the view, 100 could mean “let’s 100% light through it” or “blinds are 100% closed”.

If you use the UI to create automations then your remote should be available when creating a device automation.

Just updated the automation for open close to call service with cover open/close.
I tried to test and either the automations or the blinds entity itself does not respond to any clicks, not sure why. I am puzzled now, when I first paired the entity use to work and it doesn’t now.

By the way here’s the thread I talked about WHY THE HECK can't we freely configure a Cover to interpret its percentage value as "percentage open" or "percentage closed"?

thanks for the info.

After changing the automation as cover close, at 5pm it executed but it rolled down 0%, I guess I have to use the older method of setting it to 47% then.

Yep, set the open automation as and set the close automation to entity with set position to 47 seem to work.

At this point not sure about the reliability, since it did not work this morning, I will have to wait and see.

Now in configuring the button remote, I am confused and how to do it, I would be fine if the button can call the open/close automation I already wrote. this are the option I get for trigger when device button is selected.