Conbee 2 Install issue, the Supervisor hardware tab changed (I can't find the serial location for the usb!)

I’ve followed the instructions from every place I can find but I keep running into the part where you go to supervisor, system, host, 3 dots, hardware tab to find serial device path. First, it’s changed from what every video shows. I can’t find conbee anywhere in the new hardware section.

Specs: Home assistant full install on raspberry pi 4, no docker or other more complicated setup (I’m new to Linux). Conbee is plugged into a black usb port, and using a USB extension (per instructions). I am trying to install ZHA to run zigbee stuff, nothing crazy.

I sincerely appreciate any thoughts or help!

Forgot to mention, conbee 2 works. I tested and updated firmware on the conbee on a windows box. I even paired an aqara motion sensor to make sure everything worked. I have now thought to try using the blue usb ports with no luck.

Have a look at supervisor → 3 dots → hardware. Look if theres ttyACM0 present, for me its the conbee2.
If you see the stick present, go to settings → devices and integrations → add integration → zha. There you should get a popup if its detected. If not, try rebooting

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, the attached is the results.

This is the section that I’ve been pulling out my hair, lol. It just doesn’t show up in this section.

I’m starting to think this might be a Raspberry Pi problem, at least with the USB Ports… Does anyone know a way to check?

In case this post helps anyone with the same problem, I had an issue with the rPi. Once I replaced it, and got HA running, it worked immediately. @tenn0, thank you for your reply.