ConBee 2 stick and deCONZ possible on a second Pi and not the Home Assistant Pi?


Is it possible to use the Conbee 2 stick with deCONZ on a standalone Pi Zero W and let the Home Assistant (HassOS installation on a Pi 4B) do the automations with the devices in deCONZ?

I am asking because the place where the Home Assistant Pi is is not so good for signal sending. I wanted to use the internal Bluetooth from there for Flic button but is not working three meters away.
So I think the Zigbee reception will be also not so good there.
I placed the flicd on the Pi Zero W and it works without a problem with the Pi 4 together.

Short answer - Yes

They communicate over a Rest API, so long as they have network connectivity one could be on a Pi in Greenland and the other could be on a NUC in Tasmania.

Ok! Thank you! That is great!

This is the link I used on my RPI

Thank you! I will install deCoNZ on top of Raspbian, as it is already installed and running flicd for my Home Assistant installation.

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I have a similar configuration. And HA discovered deCONZ and I can use the (Xiaomi) zigbee sensors in my configuration. But do I still need the Home Assistant Add-on: deCONZ. It won’t start because it all is based on putting it on one machine. Can I remove it without any problems?

I have it running now here and you don’t need deCONZ on your Home Assistant Pi. Until now I only have the Trådfri remote running with ControllerX installed on the HA-Pi to use it for a Logitech Media Server.

I think so!

Don’t ask why I did this but I did… I run home assistant on my linux server, but its at the far side of the house and I wanted my zwave and conbee sticks to be more central. So I set up a raspberry pi, connected the usb sticks to it then used a package called usbip to export those usb devices… then on my home assistant server I use the same package to import those usb sticks and they show up as if they’re connected directly to my server. Deconz then runs on my home assistant server. Works like a charm. Just google usbip for how to’s… essentially it shares usb devices over the local lan.

EDIT: ah I remember why I did it this way… because of zwave, I use the zwave integration in home assistant so unlike deconz it has to run on my home assistant server

Right, no problem at all…

Hi, came across this post now trying to achieve similar thing - can you elaborate how did you add usbip to your HA? I believe you do not use HAOS but rather supervised install, right?

many things have changed since then. I now do use HASSOS however my zwave dongle is not installed in my server… it is instead installed in a raspi and the raspi runs the zwavejsmqtt gateway which home assistant uses. You can do the same with zigbee too I guess especially if you use deconz or zigbee2mqtt because those solutions too provide a gateway that HA accesses… thus don’t have to be on the same PC