Conbee + honywell = true?

I have a Honeywell smoke detector that I want to add to my conbee. When i try to add it as a sensor i get sensor ready but no new devices is showed in the list. Any idea?

I have the first version of conbee and JTYJ-GD-01LM/BW version of honeywell smoke sensor.

I get this error in the log

16:30:27:919 no button map for: lumi.sensor_smoke ep: 0x01 cl: 0x0000 cmd: 0x0A pl[0]: 001
16:30:27:919 ZCL attribute report 0x00158D00032BA197 for cluster 0x0000, ep 0x01

I found a solution
The honeywell smoke sensor is not visible in the addon - but the sensor is visible in devices in interface.

Is it possible to trigger the alarm like a alarm sound?