Conbee II delay


I have Xiaomi Aquara HUB with several wall switches, motion and window detectors, Philips hue HUB several lamps, 4 button remotes and motion detectors. Home Assistant is on RPi4 with HassOS.

Everything seams working good but then i found that i use Conbee II and get rid of philips and xiaomi hubs and can also buy ikea bulbs without needed to buy another hub.

I moved several switches, lights and sensors to deCONZ but now sometimes i have up to 5 seconds delay. Sometimes on switch click light turns on an instance but if i pressed same button again it will turn off only after 5 sec. So in such situation conbee can not be used because you must stay near switch and wait if you will need to press again.

After searching for similar issues here, i put conbee with 1m usb extender cable, conbee changed to use channel 25, wifi AP changed chanel to 1 and other AP to 6 but nothing helped. deCONZ shows that conbee firmware is up to date.

Also tried use HassOS pre v5 and boot on USB SSD but issue still persist.

What else i can try? plese help. in such situation conbee is useless.

Welcome to the forum!

I’m glad that you find Conbee II it’s really great. I’ve had some issues in the beginning when i losed the devices, and so on. That apperently fixed after a system reboot.

Your problem sounds like an Disk IO problem, which deconz addon are you using marthoc via docker or via hassio?

I’m glad to help.

I’m using deCONZ hassio add-on

if here is Disk IO problem so how i can solve it?

Me too

I switched from home assistant docker to HassOS on Rpi4 and I’m experiencing HUGE latency

What was once instant as a command now takes 30 seconds to execute

How could I investigate on this issue ?