Conbee II stops working due to backup of vm in proxmox

Hey fellow home automation geeks :slight_smile:

I have a problem. When ever I take a backup of the vm in proxmox (vm of debuan running hassio and deconz) the conbee stick become unresponsive and does not work again until I take out ant put in the stick in the usb again. Anyone had similar problems and any ideas where to start finding a solution?


That’s strange, I do a backup of my Proxmox VM everyday and never had an issue with the Conbee stick. Do you get any errors in the home assistant log when the stick becomes unresponsive?

Thanks for replying. No not any particular besides it tries to reconnect to the stick. Not successful until I remove and put it back.
[EDIT: It never was a problem with Conbee I, only Conbee II]

When updating Proxmox to latest version the problem went away.