Conbee II, use on an RPi externally from HA instance (on a NUC), possible?


I have my hassio installed on an Intel NUC sitting in my basement.
I want to move from Philips Hue hub to something like the Conbee due to limitations of the Hue hub.

The question is;
Can I install Ubuntu (or similar) onto a RPi and use the Conbee on this device so I can have this like in my living room? Anybody done something like this?

The signals would probably not reach the living room from my basement, so I would need an ‘external’ way of communicating with my zigbee devices…

Yes you can.

Range from the coordinator (stick) to the end devices (battery powered Zigbee devices) or routers (mains powered Zigbee devices) depends on what’s in the way. Concrete for instance reduces the range more than drywall. Through a traditional floor, that should be fine - 8 to 10 meters is supposed to be achievable, and I do get (functional) ranges around there.

You can run a home assistant instance on the pi with the usbs pluged in and your main HA can connect with the Remote access to the pi to read everything.