Conbee II via deConz in VM can't connect to devices

Hi, I have decided to give Zigbee a try, so bought a Conbee II (hoping for better compatibility than the cheaper Tuya or Sonoff gateways) and some Sonoff zigbee devices for testing

However I am having an issue:

My Home Assistant installation is running inside a docker container on a virtual machine in Proxmox. I have passed trough the Conbee USB device to the VM and is showing up in lsusb inside the VM, Phoscon app (via docker-deconz) is working, I can see the gateway, but it refuses to connect to any Zigbee device. When I moved the Conbee to my windows pc i was able to pair the devices without any problem, even adding them to home assistant.

Do you guys using home assistant inside VM ( users ?) experience this?

Do you have supervisor in your install?

The term has been deprecated more than a year ago. It’s called Home Assistant OS now.

I ran Home Assistant in a VM with a ConBee II for a long time (now the ConBee II is on a separate Pi, because I wanted to decouple it from HA).

i am not sure what to you mean by supervisor. i understand supervisor in home assistant context as Home Assistant OS.

this is my docker-compose for deconz, maybe the non-standard ports are causing the issue ? (due to 30+ docker containers i am running out of standard ports)

    image: marthoc/deconz
    container_name: deconz
    network_mode: docker_net
    restart: always
      - /home/molnart/docker/.config/home-assistant/deconz:/root/.local/share/dresden-elektronik/deCONZ
      - /dev/ttyACM0
      - DECONZ_WEB_PORT=8281
      - DECONZ_WS_PORT=8243
      - DEBUG_INFO=1
      - DEBUG_APS=0
      - DEBUG_ZCL=0
      - DEBUG_ZDP=0
      - DEBUG_OTAU=0
      - TZ=Europe/Bratislava
      - 8281:8281
      - 8243:8243 

For connecting Zigbee devices no port is needed. The port of your deconz are there for comunication between deconz and home assistant.

So where exactly is the issue here? You cant pair devices with deconz, or your devices don’t show up in HA?

Supervisor is available for Home Assistant OS and Home Assistant Supervised. You are running Home Assistant Container. I was just confused because you wrote about

Can you please show a screenshot of the gateway page in Phoscon.

Can’t pair in deconz. The devices do not appear.

@Burningstone, this is how it looks like:

This looks good, the ConBee is recognized by phoscon. What kind of devixes to you try to pair and how did you try it?

well i don’t know how, but when putting back the gateway into my server the devices suddenly paired OK. even backup works, which resulted in an error before.
yesterday i was trying it for an hour in different usb ports without any luck… will see if it will hold or not.

Can it bee that all the devices you try to pair, are still paired with the old network. To pair a device with a new Network, you have to reset the devices into pairing mode.