ConBee II with HA on Synology DSM 7.0 (Virtual Machine)

I sure do!

After starting of add-on my Conbee disappears and is not available in Deconz. Any idea?

Hey @Tamiami, do you use the integration as well?

@Magix3D Okay again, now its weekend :slight_smile:
I used Docker for a long time with two containers for HA and Conbee. Based on issues with last DSM update I would like to change VM, Bluetooth installation is easier to install as well. My current setup is HA in VM and Conbee still in Docker container. Now I would like to implement Conbee to the HA setup as well.

If I follow the setup I can choose the Conbee stick within the settings. After the start of the add-on the stick will disapear. Means the stick is not available in Deconz interface and also in the add-on settings.

So… what is wrong or what do you need to support?


Hey @Tamiami, you actually don’t need Docker at all.
DSM natively supports USB devices with a VM, so you can just delete you docker package and select the ConBee as USB device in your VM settings.
After a restart of your DSM it should be recognized by the addon and you should be able to use the integration as well :slight_smile:

@Magix3D That is exactly what I have tried. But as mentioned several times. After start of plug-in the stick disapears. I guess something is wrong…