ConBee II with Tuya Repeater

I have ConBee II and I bought this repeater:

How can I ilcude it? It is not discovering automatically.

Which zigbee integration do you use?

ZHA, the default one and not mqtt2zigbee

To get this repeater into pairing mode you have to very quickly plug/unplug it 3 times. After the third time, plug in the repeater right away, and the LED light should start rapidly blinking. When the light is blinking, you’re in pairing mode and should be able to add it through ZHA.

I have 4 of these connected to ZHA through my Conbee II stick. Make sure you’ve updated the firmware on your Conbee II, old firmware gave me all kinds of issues. The most recent one from August 2021 seems to be giving me 255 LQI on each of the 100 devices on my network.

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Ok I will try, how to update the ConBee II firmware. Is there any way to update directly from HA?

Not that I’m aware of. Updating the firmware on your Conbee is a pain.

Here’s a tutorial that you can follow that will explain how to update the firmware:

Be aware that the location of the flasher file and the bin.gcf files may be in your users folder and not at program files. You may have to hunt for it. I don’t know why the company makes this so difficult and irritating.

FYI, that Tuya Zigbee Router USB adapter is not recommended by ZHA / zigpy developers as apparently it has proven to cause network stability issues, and assume it applies not only to ZHA but all solutions: