ConBee USB and IKEA Trådfri Driver

RP3, Hassio, HA, ConBee and IKEA Trådfri Driver, has anyone tested this?

Yeah I have it working ok.

Thanks for the quick answer, just sitting and converting to hassio!

But how do I connect Conbee2 to a LED-driver?
I’ve connected alrijdy an ikea remote with the LED-driver, but can’t connect the conbee2 with this driver.

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same issue, how did you connect the driver to conbee please?

In zigbee, only one device gets to be the controller. Once you paired the bulbs, led-driver, remotes, outlets etc they formed a network.

You need to reset the bulb, or in this case the led-driver so it can be added to a new network. Which is not always easy > when migrating to conbee I had one Innr light bulb that I could reset, but never pair again. Fortunately when I contacted their support and explained, they sent me over a replacement within a few days

Pairing again is best done as close as possible to your new ‘controller’ and I would recommend not doing them all at once (that’s what I first tried)

How do you Connect the driver to zigbee in home assistant without Ikea hub?

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Try the instructions on Setup Ikea Trådfri with deCONZ in Home Assistant – Lucas TechBlog to pair a tradfri driver with deconz.

The driver has a reset hole. Use a paperclip to reset the driver.