Conbee USB & Native ZHA Integration - What is Working List

So there are a few threads on Conbee & Native ZHA Integration issues some I started myself.

What I would like to do in this thread is only “list what is working” since there are threads concerning issues and firmware upgrades etc. already out there. Below is the format I would like to stay with, if you add more devices in the future come back and edit your post to include them.

PLEASE stay on topic… like I said there are many threads addressing issues.

Again this is NOT Conbee deConz Integration this is Conbee Native ZHA Integration Only

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Intel NUC / Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS / Docker / Hassio Current Version

Conbee USB Firmware version 26300500

The following are working no issues

Smartthings Motion Sensor (Samjin) Model:GP-U999SJVLBAA

The following work but as noted

Cree Connected Bulbs Model # BA19-08027OMF-12CE26-1C100 - may have to power off and then on after HA reboot to restore availability on occasion.

UPDATE: 5/2/19 - Apparently Cree bulbs and Conbee using native ZHA integration just do not get along. I have spent a lot of time with the developers and as of yet the issue still exists. They have pretty much exhausted all ideas up to this point but I’m sure we will come back to it in the future. I have integrated the Cree bulbs to Conbee using deCONZ and that appears to be fine but one of my goals was to not use deCONZ as it is just something else to maintain. Right now I have my Cree bulbs on an OSRAM Lightify hub (which I also wanted to eliminate) and they work perfectly but my Samsung motion sensors only work on the Conbee using native ZHA not deCONZ so I’m pretty much stuck with both for now.