ConBee2 > deCONZ > HA core Docker > Synology

Hello everybody,

I’m sorry, but after 2 weeks of testing, forums, videos, etc, I still cannot configure the Zigbee ConBee 2 stick.
I may have a particular setup but everything works fine except the stick. I think this is an installation issue and not a hardware issue.

“Home Assistant” is installed on a Docker in my NAS Synology.
Version : core-2021.4.1
Home Assistant Container

I bought a Zigbee Conbee 2 key and nothing is working :sob:

Questions :

  • Do I have to plug the Conbee 2 stick into my NAS? This is what I did with a USB extension cable.
  • In addition to the HA docker running on the NAS, do I also have to put the Deconz docker on the NAS ?
  • If so, I install it “THAT” for the configuration of the handset or all the time ?
  • Do I have to configure anything else on the Conbee?
  • How do I get the Docker HA to see the Conbee?

So, if you have a tutorial, video, forum or other, I’m interested.
Anyway, I don’t know at all and I’m sick of it. :cry:

Thanks in advance for your help and sorry for my bad English because I’m French.


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Same issue for me over here. I’ve migrated to Home Assistant Core in Docker and disabled the SynoCommunity Hassio package. But still trying to figure out how to get my Conbee II stick back to work.

I’ve got a roughly similar setup but I gave up on running Deconz on the Synology. USB config was too problematic. I did try installing some USB device drivers on the Synology at one stage but can’t remember if that actually helped or not (was some time ago).

The setup I have settled on after much trial and error is to run Deconz/ConBee on a standalone Pi. This is separate to my Synology which is running docker HA. That way my Zigbee network keeps running even when I reboot/upgrade/stuff up my HA setup.

This is what I have, but am really interested in connection my deConz stick to my NAS.

Any help / guidelines would be appreciated