Conbee2 in 2.07.01 /api/config --> HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

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Hi all,

I have 2 Conbee II sticks and I have upgraded them to the latest fw and deConz. One runs in docker in the deConz add-on for Home Assistant, and it still works ok after the upgrade.

But the other runs on a Windows 10 machine. This is the one that will return the error mentioned on the subject when I open Phoscon. I am not able to see the device in Phoscon but I can see it in the deConz. Tried this stick on a different Windows machine and guess what it works just fine in 2.07.01. I tried different deConz on the initial Windows 10 machine and it works only with 2.05.81. This was the first version installed on that machine, the one used before the upgrade.

Maybe someone has an idea on how I can fix this. I wasn’t able to find anything related to this issue, and I even wrote to the developers of the stick, but no answer from them.

Thank you in advance.