ConBee2/ZHA + Wesmartify Essentials Premium Thermostat

Hi all,

thanks in advance for your help!

I’m trying to integrate radiator thermostats in HA. Setup is Pi4 + ConBee2 and HAdocker + ZHA.

I ordered one Wesmartify Essentials Premium Thermostat without the Wesmartify bridge, as I’m trying to avoid additional bridges.

ConBee2 is working well via ZHA for some HUE bulbs.

The theromstat got discovered automatically, but it says “Device Type: EndDevice”. And I can’t get a entitity to control. I guess at least one sensor and one switch should hit up.

Does anybody have experience with this thermostat and/or getting thermostats working with ZHA at all?

Best Regards

did you have any success to get the thermostat working?