Conbee2 / Zigbee2MQTT Stick external (or how to MQTT when the Home Assistant Server is in the basement)

Hi Guys.
I have just started with Home Assistant and i love it :grin:

Home Assistant is installed in a VirtualBox, which runs on a Win10 computer in the basement (connectet via Lan).

I have already successfully integrated two WLEDs and one Yeelight, but now I would like to include more…

I think the best thing would be to use a Conbee2 or Zigbee2mqtt stick as a hub(so that I can use sensors etc. from any brand), but I ask myself whether this will work if it is not within range?
There are 2 floors between the PC and the apartment.

Do these sticks communicate with the sensors via the existing network, or do they set up their own network?

if they are creating a own network and i would be out of reach, what would be the best solution for a “mqtt / zigbee-hub” that does not have to be directly connected to the home assistant server?
Pi + Conbee2 via Lan?

Or am I completely wrong thinking here and can the Conbee2 / Zigbee2usb be connected to any power source?

Or should I just get the Mijia hub?

excuse my bad english, i hope someone understands what im trying to say :woozy_face:

Most powered zigbee devices such as lights and sockets act as routers. They create a mesh network and can reliably relay signals from the controller (the conbee) to other devices including battery powered ones.

My conbee is in the loft of a very solid house with foot thick brick walls. Devices work on the 1st floor, ground floor and cellar just fine. I do have lights on each floor.

If you have zigbee lights which you always on, between the conbee and the PC, then they can act as relays and distance becomes less important. (though it’s still important.)

The pi+conbee2 isn’t a bad idea. Because that can talk with HA over your regular network connection. (assuming they’re the same network)

Both of those (deCONZ and Zigbee2MQTT) communicate with Home Assistant over the network, so either can be run on a Pi, somewhere with better connectivity with your Zigbee devices.

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you guys are great!
Thank you.

Another way you can run this is to run Zigbee4MQTT as an hassio add-on, then connect it to a raspberry pi with a zigbee stick.