ConbeeII + Aqara Magnet Sensor Problem -> EVE APP Homekit


I am totally new here and i am using hassio around a week. (On my esxi VM)
I use the conbeeII Stick with the official deconz plugin. Works well….

here is my problem:

I am using magnet door contacts from aqara and i use these with the homekit addon in homekit.
I use too the eve app to set up very easy the window automation to open/close my TRV from eve.
And thats the problem. They will shown in the EVE APP as contact but if i will set up the automation nothing is found.

Before i am using deconz on win vm with homebridge. Here it works.
With hassio it dont work.

Please help me.
I with many other people using eve thermos (TRV) with aqara magnets.

Maybe it is possible in german. It is easier for me :slight_smile:

Thanks !!!

Can somebody help me please ?