Concentric zones - order of selection?

Is there any way to configure zones so that when there are two concentric zones, the smallest is selected when phone is in it?

Further detail: I have two concentric zones. One is named Home, and the larger one is Neighbourhood. The intent is that we can track when phones enter the Neighbourhood zone and take actions such as turning the heating up and then when the smaller Home zone is entered, turn lights on.

The problem I face is that the phones are detected entering the Neighbourhood zone, and this remains their location even if they subsequently enter the Home zone.

I don’t think that is how it’s supposed to work.
Will it really work as you want if you get it to work?
That means when you leave home and get in to the neighborhood the heat goes up.

You could also use the integration proximity (I believe that is what it’s called) and ge the distance from home and travel direction.
That will kind of be the same as a zone but you get direction also which could be useful.

Thanks, @Hellis81, for your reply.

The behaviour I need is for the heat to come on when we enter the neighbourhood zone and stay on when we move to the home zone. Similarly, when leaving, the heat is up when we are at home and remains on when in the neighbourhood but drops when we leave that zone.

This is just one example use case, I have a few more that I’d like to explore.

Thanks for your suggestion re. proximity - I shall explore that.

My experience is that the phone will report that it is indeed within the smaller zone of two concentric zones. I’ve not seen the issue you’re having.

Thanks, @Jorggs - is your Home zone defined automatically, or have you overriden it in configuration.yaml?

Mine is currently auto configured and I plan to test overriding that to see if it makes a difference.

Mine is auto defined, but, I realise that my concentric zones do not include my home zone, they are for other specific areas. So there may be a difference because of the home zone.

Thanks, again - that may be key. I will experiment and report back!

The issue does appear to be limited to the automatic Home zone. Overriding that in configuration.yaml allows concentric zones that work as intended (i.e. the smaller common zone is used for location).

I also have additional zones within the large neighbourhood one (not concentric) and the location works properly there to.

Thanks, all, for your help and assistance.