Conceptual bluetooth question

Hello all,

A little bit off topic, but I hope some of you experts are willing to explain something to me.
In the home automation business I see a lot of devices coming up equipped with a bluetooth radio.
One example is this one:

I always thought Bluetooth was a peer to peer networking “thing”. Now I guess that’s not how the smartblinds work as in the above example the phone is able to control multiple bluetooth devices (I assume).
But how is a phone able to connect to multiple of these blinds ? Can it make multiple peer-to-peer connections creating some kind of star network with the phone as the “controller”. Or is Bluetooth able to make other kinds of connections ? (I heard of Bluetooth mesh, but I understand that is not in the market yet)

I guess it doesn’t make sense. I just took the smartblinds as an example but I hope someone can exlain this Bluetooth workings to me a bit more in detail and make it “click”…

Many thanks !


better late then never :wink: maybe it’s mesh :